Getting It All

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There’s nothing like summertime in Sapphire Falls and Tucker Bennett is looking forward to spending the time with his best friend’s four young sons. 


After the tragic loss of their parents, he’s prepared to step up and be there for them any way he can. But nothing could have prepared him for punch to the gut he felt the first time he locked eyes with their gorgeous aunt Delaney. 


Tucker has only ever wanted three things in life—a farm, a wife and kids. He’s already got the farm. Now it looks like Fate has delivered the rest in one complete just-add-dirt-bikes-and-a-new-puppy package.


Delaney Callan is beyond grateful for Tucker’s help while she catches her breath from becoming a sudden surrogate mother to her nephews. And she is definitely not immune to the sexual tension bouncing between them like a Fourth of July rocket. But with her world already turned upside down, she can’t possibly think about a relationship. Especially with a guy who has marriage on his mind.


But what’s a girl to do when the most impossible-to-ignore Bennett shows her the difference between what she needs and what she wants… and proves that with him she can have it all?