Getting His Way

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Bryan Murray always planned to settle down back in Sapphire Falls, and Tessa Sheridan was part of that plan— even if she didn’t know it. 

But fate has a funny, and sometimes painful way of working things out.A not-so-little tumble off a mountain while biking has turned Bryan’s life upside down and landed him back in his hometown ahead of schedule, changing everything. 

At least one thing hasn’t changed-- Tess is still the same sweet, kind and beautiful girl he left behind. 

Tessa has been saving herself for Bryan in every way. And dreaming about an exciting life. Somewhere else. But now Bryan’s messing up all of her plans. Not only has he come home, but he’s decided to go from the hot, sexy playboy of her fantasies to a sweet, romantic boyfriend type. Who wants a happily ever after with her. In Sapphire Falls.

What’s a girl gotta do to have an adventure or two? She’s going to have to make it happen for herself. Which means leaving home. Which means avoiding falling in love. All while being romanced by the only man who’s ever had her heart.