The Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel might only be around during the annual summer festival, but it always brings a smile! There are only a few simple rules: 1. One ticket per person. 2. Hold on tight. 3. If you kiss her, she’s yours. 4. No, seriously, be careful with the kissing during festival time! 

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Mason might not have been the most popular guy in school, but even he had attended the Sapphire Falls Annual Festival. Everyone within a ninety-mile radius had. Bringing a Ferris wheel and corn dogs to a town without any entertainment beyond school programs and recreational sports was a sure-fire recipe for good attendance.

Walking the sidewalk from the bed and breakfast toward the town square, Mason felt nostalgic. Not necessarily for his own memories of the festival, but for the memories he wished he had. More than one girl had been kissed for the first time on the Ferris wheel at the festival. It had turned into a kind of tradition. If the girl had already been kissed by the time she went with you to the festival, then the next step was taking her to the haunted house. Scary encounters in the dark made girls press close, and the multiple dark corners in the old Herschfield House—which was always used as the haunted house on Halloween and for the festival—were very conducive to getting on to other firsts. Finally, if all of that was old hat, then there was the fireworks show. It had become tradition that if you had a girlfriend, you took her to the top of Klein’s Hill, the hill in the middle of the field where the fireworks were lit. Blankets were spread out and things moved beyond what the Herschfield House had seen.

Not that everything about being a teenager centered around physical boy-girl interactions but…oh, who was he kidding? Of course everything centered around that.

Especially at festival time.

From Getting Out of Hand, book one

Read an excerpt | Want more Festival Fun in Sapphire Falls? | Downloadable Coloring page

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Read an excerpt | Want more Festival Fun in Sapphire Falls? | Downloadable Coloring page

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