Scott’s Sweets (Bakery)

The sweetest spot in Sapphire Falls!  Scott’s Sweets is owned by Adrianne Scott Riley. It’s the site for the best coffee in town, award winning candies (try the caramels!) and the best cakes and cookies in three counties (or more!) Pull up a chair and let us sweeten your visit to Sapphire Falls!

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Delaney Callan wanted Tucker Bennett more than any man she’d ever met.

No, it went beyond want. She needed him. Bad.

And it had nothing to do with the faded blue jeans that molded to his butt and thighs or the royal-blue T-shirt that stretched over wide shoulders, thick biceps and flat abs.

Or the deep rumbly voice that said, “Hey, Delaney.” Or the grin that he gave her that felt familiar even though she’d only ever seen it in photos.

It had everything to do with how pleased he seemed to see the boys.

And her. That grin was really something. But it was more the boys.

She’d never wanted a guy as much as when Tucker grabbed the back of six-year-old Jack’s pants as he started to climb up one of the wrought iron shelving units to try to reach a coffee cup.

She had been out of her seat and reaching for Jack when Tucker strode through the door, jingling the little bell overhead, and immediately swung the little boy up and over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. A giggling sack of potatoes. Like he had a sixth sense, Tucker then grasped the back of eight-year-old David’s shirt, keeping him in place as David started for the sample tray on the counter—for the fifth time.

He spun David into his chair at the little round table near the window and then dropped into the chair Jack had occupied with the boy in his lap.

Having someone else handle the boys without even blinking, with a big panty-melting grin in place even, was hot. Pure and simple.

She almost cried it was so hot.

Of course, she was completely exhausted, her body was more caffeine than water, and she hadn’t had sex in so long she wasn’t sure she could find all the right parts anymore. But she was pretty sure it was really hot anyway.

In retrospect, Delaney realized that bringing four tired, bored, restless, hungry boys to a quaint bakery and candy shop might have been an error in judgment.

She’d have to add it to the list of those she’d made lately.

She and Tucker had chosen Scott’s Sweets as their meeting spot since it was right along the highway and Delaney had never been to Sapphire Falls before. Not that it was a huge town, but taking the boys to a place with cookies had seemed like a good idea.

It wasn’t like Tucker had kept them waiting either. They’d been there for about ten minutes. It had only taken her nephews three minutes to start trouble.

“Hi, Tucker.”

Her grin must have been a little too enthusiastic, because he blinked at its brightness before nodding. “Good to see you.”

“You too.” He had no idea.

The eight hours on the road today had been tough. Worse than yesterday’s eight hours.

Of course, the past four months had pretty much sucked twenty-four-seven, and Delaney really thought it was possible she would never feel rested and content ever again.

But being here in Sapphire Falls, Nebraska, with Tucker Bennett was a really good start toward that. She thanked God, literally, that her brother-in-law had spent every summer in Sapphire Falls with his boys since the oldest, Henry, had been born twelve years ago.

Summer break had started for the boys three days ago. She’d packed them up and pointed the car toward Sapphire Falls the minute she’d been able.

Tucker knew the boys. They stayed at his house every summer, all summer. Tucker had helped their dad teach them to fish and ride dirt bikes and do chores around the farm. They always talked excitedly about the dirt-bike races and the summer festival and swimming in the pond and driving the tractor. This summer in Sapphire Falls was exactly what the boys needed.

And frankly, what Delaney needed.

The help. From someone who knew the boys so well, someone they were familiar with and liked. Someone their father had trusted implicitly. Someone their father had asked her to bring them to see.

Jack sat on Tucker’s lap, happily picking colored sprinkles off the top of his brownie and putting them in his mouth one by one. As if he was a pro at sitting still and behaving. He barely even wiggled. A miracle in and of itself. Up until that moment, he’d been jumping up every two minutes to reposition the chair, getting on the floor to play with his matchbox cars, getting up to run to the bathroom, going to the bakery display case six times and asking for refills on his water twice.

Of course, if she was on Tucker’s lap, she wouldn’t be inclined to leave it anytime soon either.

From Getting It All, book four

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Recipe: Tucker’s Favorite Cherry Cobbler

You will need:

Make the cherry compote first. 

Toss 6 cups of pitted cherries (you can use fresh or frozen) with:

Cook them in a pot, over medium low, for about 10 minutes.  The juices will thicken, but a lot of the fruit will remain whole and it will resemble cherry pie filling. Stir as you heat it, so nothing burns or sticks.

Spoon it equally into four jars.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  

Cobbler topping is next. 

In a bowl, combine:

In a liquid measuring cup, combine:


Combine with:

Mix the liquid ingredients into the dry and mix with a fork until combined

Drop it by spoonfuls onto the cherry compote

Sprinkle the top with cinnamon sugar.

Set the jars on a baking sheet or in a 8×8 or 9×13 pan.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Adapted from Baking a Moment

And don’t miss the short story, Getting Sweeter, where Tucker and Delaney make the cobbler! 😉  

Read an excerpt | Tucker’s Favorite Cherry Cobbler | German Chocolate Truffles | Buy a Scott’s Sweets Mug

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Read an excerpt | Tucker’s Favorite Cherry Cobbler | German Chocolate Truffles | Buy a Scott’s Sweets Mug

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