Our People

Adrianne (Scott) Riley: (Mason Riley)

Getting Out of Hand, book one

Originally from Chicago, Adrianne spent five years working in sales and marketing for her family’s candy company. She left Chicago and her family’s business after suffering a mild heart attack at age twenty-seven. For her health, Adrianne moved to Sapphire Falls for a small town/less stressful life and to become Mayor Hailey Conner’s assistant. Adrianne met and fell in love with Mason Riley during Getting Out of Hand. Adrianne is a petite, curvy, brown eyed blond. She is the owner/operator of Scotts Sweets (bakery and candy store) and often finesses social situations for her genius-geek husband. Her group of friends includes Phoebe, Hailey, Lauren, Delaney, Kate and Hope. Adrianne and Mason have two sons.


Mason Riley: (Adrianne Scott)

Getting Out of Hand, book one

Mason’s parents lived in Sapphire Falls while he was going through school so that he would grow up in a small town. He is a genius that was two years younger than his classmates. After graduation he moved away earning two master’s degrees and a PhD. He was living in Chicago establishing his business (Innovative Agricultural Solutions) with his best friend, Lauren Davis, when he begrudgingly returned to Sapphire Falls for a high school reunion and business proposal from Hailey Conner. He is a self-professed nerd who, with the help of Lauren, has learned how to dress and act sophisticated. After falling for Adrianne, he decided to move permanently to Sapphire Falls and relocate his business. In Sapphire Falls he continues to run IAS, involve local farms, and a planting program in Haiti. Mason is tall with dark hair and dark eyes.  His group so friends include Joe, Travis, TJ, Tucker, Ty and Levi.


Phoebe (Sherwood) Spencer: (Joe Spencer)

Getting Worked Up, book two

Phoebe is a hometown girl. She was born and raised in Sapphire Falls, is related to most of the town, and knows everything about the town. She graduated high school with Mason, Travis, and Hailey. She meets and falls in love with Joe Spencer in Getting Worked Up as they are attempting to break-up their best friends, Nadia and Matt. Phoebe is the life of the party. She is a petite, fiery red head with long curly hair. Phoebe is a high school English teacher. Phoebe and Joe have a daughter, Kaelyn. Her group of friends includes best friend Adrianne and Lauren, Hailey, Kate, Delaney and Hope.


Joe Spencer: (Phoebe Sherwood)

Getting Worked Up, book two

Joe comes from a wealthy, casino owning family in Las Vegas. Hoping to turn his party boy lifestyle around, Joe started working in public relations for Innovative Agricultural Solutions (IAS for short) with Mason and Lauren. He has dark hair that is nearly black, dark eyes, muscled but trim. He is in PR and lobbies politicians in DC, so is just as likely to be in a suit and tie as in jeans and t-shirts, but he’s learned to be a “regular” guy too, enjoying living on the farm and doing more outdoor activities. He now lives, happily married to Phoebe, in Sapphire Falls.  He has a daughter with Phoebe. His group of friends includes Mason, Travis, his brother Levi, Tucker, Ty, and TJ.


Lauren (Davis) Bennett: (Travis Bennett)

Getting Dirty, book three

Lauren is a small town girl who escaped to the big city and then found her way back to small town life. She is Mason’s best friend and business partner in IAS. She is a world-renowned humanitarian and scientist and travels the world, regularly meeting with politicians and world leaders. She meets Travis a few years before falling for him in Getting Dirty. She is a tall, brown haired, brown eyed, self-assured, sophisticated bisexual woman. She is now married to Travis Bennett with one child, daughter Whitney. She continues to work with IAS, volunteers in town with social events and makes no excuses for the fact that she cannot cook. Her group of friends includes Adrianne, Phoebe, Hailey, Delaney, Kate and Hope.


Travis Bennett: (Lauren Davis)

Getting Dirty, book three

Travis Bennett is hometown farmer; born and raised in Sapphire Falls. He is the second oldest of the four Bennett brothers. He is content living in Sapphire Falls and on his farm. He is a well-known and well liked Sapphire Falls resident. Meeting Lauren Davis made Travis realize that even though he was perfectly happy in his chosen life, getting out and seeing some of the world wasn’t a horrible idea either. Travis is a tall, dark haired, and muscular. Travis continues to farm and participates in Mason’s planting program. His group of friends include his brothers- Tucker, TJ and Ty– Mason, Joe, and Levi.


Kate (Leggot) Spencer: (Levi Spencer)

Getting Wrapped Up

Kate is originally from San Francisco and worked as an environmental engineer who was studying a number of climate change issues that required her to travel to Washington DC. While on one of those trips she met Phoebe who was traveling with Joe to attend a fund raiser. The two women are very different but hit it off and became instant friends. Kate comes to Sapphire Falls at Christmas set up on a blind date with Tucker Bennett. Thanks to a mix-up she ends up with Levi Spencer (Joe’s brother). There is instant chemistry between the two and after many visits between Sapphire Falls and San Francisco (and the struggles that come with a long distance relationship) the two marry. Kate is a gorgeous, sophisticated and intelligent. She’s a tall, long haired blond. The couple have fallen madly in love with each other and with the town. Her group of friends include Phoebe, Adrianne, Hailey, Delaney, Lauren and Hope.


Levi Spencer: (Kate Leggot)

Getting Wrapped Up

Levi Spencer is the brother of Joe Spencer. Like Joe, Levi has had a life change event occur to make him reevaluate his party boy life style. Also like Joe, Levi is very wealthy thanks to the family’s Las Vegas casinos. Levi is convinced that moving to Sapphire Falls will actually save his life. Thanks to a mix-up he meets Kate Leggot (rather than Hailey Conner) on a blind date. For the first time in his life Levi has found someone that makes him want to be a better man. After many visits in both San Francisco and Sapphire Falls and the stress that comes with a long distance relationship, the two marry. Levi is tall, dark haired, blue eyed and has a habit of spending big money for – everything (including community events). Levi has especially taken to small town life. Buying a truck, using a snow blower, and helping with livestock are all new for Levi and he’s loving every minute of it. His group of friends include brother Joe, and friends Mason, Travis, Tucker, TJ and Ty.


Delaney (Callan) Bennett: (Tucker Bennett)

Getting It All, book four

Getting Sweeter, short story

Delaney has found herself an instant mother to her four nephews in Nashville after the sudden death of her sister and brother-in-law (within months of each other). For the boys, she planned to move to Denver to be closer to her estranged parents, but made a pit-stop in Sapphire Falls on her way. She falls in love with Tucker Bennett, her brother-in-law’s best friend from childhood, while there. Delaney has long brunette hair. She is a carpenter and does home improvements (even flipping houses). She and Tucker’s boys are Henry, Charlie, David and Jack. Her friends include Adrianne, Lauren, Phoebe, Hope and Kate.


Tucker Bennett: (Delaney Callan)

Getting It All, book four

Getting Sweeter, short story

Tucker Bennett has waiting to be a husband and father since he was 5 years old. He is a hometown boy, born and raised. Tucker is a farmer with a love for dirt bikes. He happily hosts his best friend’s (Rafe) sons every summer for small town life and dirt bike riding. After the death of his friend, the boys’ guardian, Delaney, shows up with the boys for the annual summer vacation before moving to Colorado. He is tall and muscular with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He’s also romantic and laid-back and a family man through and through. Tucker has his own farm has also built a massive indoor dirt bike track in hopes to bring events to Sapphire Falls.  Tucker’s friends include his brothers TJ, Travis and Ty, along with Mason, Joe, and Levi.


Hope Daniels Bennett: (Thomas John *TJ* Bennett, Jr.)

Getting Lucky, book five

Raised by a free-spirt, single mom in Sedona, Hope decided to travel the country in mom’s tiny car and camper after she passed away. She ends up in Sapphire Falls searching for her father and accidentally meets TJ– the man who becomes the love of her life.  Hope is average height (about 5’6), pixie-like, 26 year old blond with green eyes and likes to puts streaks of color in her hair on occasion. She has happily settled on the farm with TJ and they are soon to have their first child. Her friends include Adrianne, Phoebe, Lauren, Hailey, Delaney and Kate.


T.J. Bennett: (Hope Daniels)

Getting Luckybook five

TJ Bennett is the oldest of the Bennett brothers. He was born and raised in Sapphire Falls and also farms. From the start of the series TJ is quiet, grumpy, aloof type. In fact, he’s the exact opposite of Hope. TJ is the biggest physically of the Bennett brothers. He is about 6’3 or more with dark blue eyes and dark brown hair. He continues to farm as well as serve as the town’s Mayor. His friends include his brothers- Travis, Tucker and Ty, as well as Mason, Joe and Levi. He and Hope have one child.


Hailey Conner Bennett: (Tyler *Ty* Bennett)

Getting Over It, book six

Hailey Conner is a hometown girl. She was the mayor of Sapphire Falls until losing the election to TJ. She has worked very hard most of her life to keep everyone at arm’s length. She has ADD and has seen that as a huge weakness. She and Ty had a three year long secret affair until Ty moved back to Sapphire Falls to make it more. Hailey is a tall, thin, sophisticated blond. She continues to be involved in everything in Sapphire Falls as the Director of Business Development and Tourism. Her circle of friends include Adrianne, Phoebe, Lauren, Kate, Delaney and Hope.


Tyler (Ty) Bennett: (Hailey Conner)

Getting Over Itbook six

Ty Bennett is the youngest of the Bennett brothers. He is an Olympic medalist in the triathlon. He has been in love with Hailey Conner since he was about fifteen. After a knee injury that he was sure would end his career as a pro athlete, Ty moved back to Sapphire Falls in hopes that he and Hailey could finally be a real couple. Ty is muscular like a runner which is different from his brothers who farm. He is tall, dark haired and blue eyed. He continues to compete and is starting a triathlon training facility in Sapphire Falls when he officially retires from competing.


Bryan Murray: (Tessa Sheridan)

Getting His Way book seven

Originally from Sapphire Falls, Bryan is Ty’s best friend and training partner. He was hurt in an accident and has a partial spinal cord injury and went through rehab to regain the ability to walk. He occasionally uses crutches now, very rarely a wheelchair. He has returned to Sapphire Falls and bought the Come Again from Mary and Tex. He’s got brown hair, green eyes and a quick grin.


Tessa Sheridan: (Bryan Murray)

Getting His Way book seven

A hometown girl and organizer extraordinaire, she’s been behind-the-scenes as Hailey’s assistant for years. Graduated with Ty and Bryan. She’s been not-so-secretly in love with Bryan from most of her life. She’s a curvy, brown-eyed, blond. She’s a marathon runner.


Eli Anderson: (Caitlyn Murray)

Getting Wound Up (novel with Jennifer Bernard)

Runs the hardware store for his father until he tries out for the Kilby Catfish baseball team and gets called up. Dark hair, blue eyes, athletic build.


Caitlyn Murray: (Eli Anderson)

Getting Wound Up (novel with Jennifer Bernard)

Sister of Bryan, works at Adrianne’s sweet shop until she falls in love with Eli and leaves Sapphire Falls to be with him as he makes his baseball dreams come true. Petite, bright hazel eyes, blond hair.


Scott Hansen: (Peyton Wells)

Getting Into Trouble

Town cop, born and raised in Sapphire Falls, though left for the police academy and to work for a few years. Now back and plans to stay. Big, tall, muscular, dark hair.


Peyton Wells: (Scott Hansen)

Getting Into Trouble

Local trouble-maker, works at Scott’s Sweets, master cake decorator, loves to party plan. Long dark hair, green eyes, slim build, long legs, no self-consciousness.


Kyle Ames (Hannah McIntire)

Getting It Right

Town doctor. Local boy who’s come home to practice.


Hannah McIntire (Kyle Ames)

Getting It Right

Local girl, born and raised. Left home for college and physical therapy school. Due to some personal issues she never passed her licensing test, so can not practice. Has stayed away from Sapphire Falls, and Kyle, because of ruining their perfect plan for happily ever after together in their hometown.  Long brown hair, brown eyes, 5’7”, long legged, sophisticated dresser.


Derek Wright: (Riley Ames)

Getting All Riled Up

Bartender at the Come Again. Adding a pizza business on and managing that. Tall, light brown hair, easy smile, a flirt, doesn’t take much seriously.


Riley Ames: (Derek Wright)

Getting All Riled Up

Kyle’s little sister. Blond who dies her hair bright red, piercings and tattoos, slim, pale skin, gorgeous. A computer nerd, hacker, very nerdy growing up and always compared to perfect older brother. Bit of a rebel now.



Kathy and Thomas Bennett: parents of the Bennett boys (TJ, Travis, Tucker and Ty) Pillars of the community.

Matt Phillips: Former classmate of Hailey, Mason, Phoebe, and Travis. Teacher and football coach. He is now married to Nadia Simonsen and travels back and forth with her to Haiti. One of Phoebe Spencer’s best friends for many years.

Former classmate of Hailey, Mason, Phoebe, and Travis. Teacher and football coach. He is now married to Nadia Simonsen and travels back and forth with her to Haiti. One of Phoebe Spencer’s best friends for many years.

Dr. Nadia Simonsen Phillips: Scientist that works for Mason Riley. She was Joe Spencer’s childhood best friend while he was getting on the straight and narrow. She fell in love with and married Matt Phillips.

Scientist that works for Mason Riley. She was Joe Spencer’s childhood best friend while he was getting on the straight and narrow. She fell in love with and married Matt Phillips.

Dan Wells: Hope Daniels Bennett’s biological father. Peyton Wells’ father. Married to JoEllen. He is Thomas Bennett’s best friend.

Jack Morgan: Local banker and town council member.

Mary and Tex Borcher: Owners of the Come Again (until Bryan buys it and they semi-retire), liquor store, and The Stop gas station/convenience store/pizza place/ice cream shop. Phoebe’s aunt and uncle.

Viv: Waitress at Dottie’s.

Ed: The older town cop.

Drew Thurman: Graduated with Mason, Hailey, Phoebe, Travis, and Matt and was the class president. He took over his father’s plumbing business and farms.

Kendra Bennett: Grandmother of the Bennett brothers.

Pastor Michaels: Pastor at Sapphire Falls Church

Jim Conrad: Owner of the town grocery store.