Our History

Sapphire Falls is a quaint little (fictitious) town, founded in 1892 in Woodburn County, Nebraska, with a population of twelve hundred and six. There is actually no waterfall, of any color, in Sapphire Falls, but as the diaries of our founding family explains “the sparkling sapphire sky meets the rolling prairie like soothing waters falling from the heavens”.

The heart of our town is the people. We have many families that have been here from the beginning and will continue to live, work and play in Sapphire Falls for generations to come. And with those families, comes the tradition of a community that is dedicated to being more than a town, but a home. It is well known that people come to visit, but have a hard time leaving after falling in love with the town and its people. So know that you are very welcome here! Just don’t be surprised if your weekend get-away turns into forever!

Hand in hand with our sense of family, is our sense of fun!

Check out some of the town’s events and traditions!

Traditions & Fun Facts 

Blue Brigade: The Blue Brigade is a group of citizens whose mission is to spread “Sapphire Sunshine”–happiness and a greater feeling of neighborliness to the town. Don’t be surprised to be handed a bright blue card with an assigned act of kindness when you’re out and about in Sapphire Falls. And don’t be surprised to be the recipient of someone else’s act of kindness!  Just return the hug, laugh at the joke, take the coffee, and be happy to be hanging out in a place where happiness in contagious.

Borcher’s Booze: Mary makes her own wine, brandy and hard ciders. But she’s famous for what she simply calls Booze. The recipe is a long-held Borcher family secret. It comes in multiple flavors: strawberry, grape, cranberry, and peppermint, just to name a few.

Innovative Agricultural Solutions: Mason and Lauren’s world-renowned agricultural engineering company that has, among other things, developed a planting program that helps extend the planting season and allows crop growth in areas formerly unsuitable.

Haunted House: Along with Halloween, the house is an annual attraction at the Sapphire Falls Annual Festival (despite being summer time). It is a known make-out place during the festival. When not being used as a haunted house, Herschfield House, the oldest house in town, is the town museum (ie, collection of old stuff people in town don’t want to throw away) and is used for meetings, teas and showers.

Ferris Wheel: A staple at the annual festival. Tradition holds that kissing a girl on the Ferris wheel during the festival is the best way to declare your intentions.

Klein Hill: Where the guys take their girls to watch the fireworks and get a little frisky.

Kissing Booth/Hot Chocolate Stand/Love Potions: The Kissing Booth is part of the annual festival and then becomes a Hot Chocolate Stand in the winter. They also sell love potions (alcoholic and non-alcoholic shots) at Valentine’s Day.

The gazebo: The gazebo is in the town center. It is decorated for all major holidays and is where Santa greets children at Christmas. It is also the site of many other important events—proposals, concerts, Mayoral speeches, etc.

Park: Swimming pool, ball fields, picnic and play areas is located across the highway and two blocks east of the town square.

Tucker’s Indoor Dirt Track: Dirt bike training and racing events.

Tyler Bennett Triathlete Training Center: Future project for Ty once he retires from competition. 


The Festival: Though Sapphire Falls does love its festivals and seems to have one for nearly every occasion, the Annual Festival is The Big One. It is a week-long celebration every June that combines Founder’s Day with our high school class reunions. It includes some traditional festival fun, along with some special Sapphire Falls additions.

River Parties: Bonfires down by the river. Booze and beer; country music and dancing. Maybe even a little skinny dipping.

Sand Volleyball: Every Thursday night outside the Come Again.


Citizen of the Year

Fourth of July Street Dance and Barbecue

Christmas Pageant

Christmas Tour of Homes

Bachelor Auction: Valentine’s Day event for charity.

Valentine’s Day Dance


Strawberry Festival